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Shadows lurk in the dark forest where only the brave dare to cross the boarder into unknown territory.The unexpected roam here.Wolves of unpredictable minds.They are the shadow that haunt your back.They patrol the night.Are you afraid of the dark? 'Cause these wolves aren't.If you can concur the darkness then venture into lands you wish you hadn't seen sometimes but others that remove your breath at heart then Register NOW!!
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Minori or Mori Empty Minori or Mori

Post  Minori on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:44 pm

Name: Minori, most call him Mori

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Rank Desired: Guardian

Appearance: Minori is a rather large bulky wolf with short soft fur. Minori is very muscular and it is seen easily under his short fur. His fur is pure black without any white in it. His eyes are a very dark grey almost black at times blending with his dark coat. He has scars running all along his body, but most are hidden except the large scar on the right side of his face running from the bottom of his ear over his eye ending at his cheek.

Reference:Minori or Mori 564584

Personality: Minori is the quiet type only speaking on few occasions. Minori is usually mistaken as a mean wolf because of his size and lack of emotion, but he is much kinder then people think. Minori has a soft spot for pups and is very kind and patient when with them. If anyone was to threaten a pup Minori would instantly attack them to protect the pup. Minori doesn't ever show emotion his face usually blank.

History: Minori was raised by his mothers sister because his mother died giving birth to him. He was a few months older then his siblings so was left sometimes to take care of them while his adopted mother hunted. Minori was always taught as a pup never to show emotion because showing emotion in his pack was a sign of weakness. At the age of one Minori randomly left his pack in the middle of the night and began to travel on his own.

Anything else?: ...

Skills:(They should add up to 100)

Stength: 30
Endurance: 25
Speed: 20
Wisdom: 25

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Minori or Mori Empty Re: Minori or Mori

Post  Kamaji on Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:51 pm

Your bio is accepted Mori. You will be able to rp now.

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