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Shadows lurk in the dark forest where only the brave dare to cross the boarder into unknown territory.The unexpected roam here.Wolves of unpredictable minds.They are the shadow that haunt your back.They patrol the night.Are you afraid of the dark? 'Cause these wolves aren't.If you can concur the darkness then venture into lands you wish you hadn't seen sometimes but others that remove your breath at heart then Register NOW!!
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Hunts and Quests

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Hunts and Quests Empty Hunts and Quests

Post  Kamaji on Thu Jul 05, 2012 6:35 pm

To do a hunt or a quest you must first fill out these forms:

Name of you wolf:
Type of hunt you are doing:
Skill you are working towards:
Who are accompanied by?:
What prey have you decided to hunt?:

Note:All members doing the hunt must agreed on the same skill they wish to be gained.Otherwise you may do a solo hunt to raise more than one skill.


Name of your wolf:
Type of quest you are doing:
Where the quest takes place:

When you fill out these forms you must be sure that if you should have any companions they are able to post on the topic at least once a week.If a member is not posting within two weeks,the deputies may remove them from the first post and that member may not rejoin.Hunts consist of two to four wolves and Quest consist of four to six wolves.Solos you do alone.

When posting the topic the title of your post should say this when every member is ready:

If you are unready then the title should say this:

A Dominant or Deputy must confirm your form and then you are free to begin your Quest/Hunt

At the end of your Quest or Hunt please fill this out:
Success or fail?:
How many casualties?:
How many survivors?:

Once your quest or hunt is finish a Dominant or Deputy must over see your progress and confirm the results.You have the chance of redoing the quest or hunt but you must use different companions if you should want them.

Rewards for completing a Quest:

5 Dominant Trust point and 10 experience points to each member that has managed to survive.3 Dominant Trust points and 5 Experience points to those who participated but lost their lives.

Rewards for completing a hunt:

5 points will be added to the skill you planned to advance.2 DT points to each member.If the hunt fails no rewards are given to anyone.


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