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Shadows lurk in the dark forest where only the brave dare to cross the boarder into unknown territory.The unexpected roam here.Wolves of unpredictable minds.They are the shadow that haunt your back.They patrol the night.Are you afraid of the dark? 'Cause these wolves aren't.If you can concur the darkness then venture into lands you wish you hadn't seen sometimes but others that remove your breath at heart then Register NOW!!
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Post  Kamaji on Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:05 pm

Dominants:Leaders of the pack who give orders and make decisions for the better of the pack.

Deputies:Second in command,these wolves take over the Dominant's duties in their absence.They consent the Dominant's first before carrying out a sentence and give advice in difficult situations.Members of the pack counsel.

Mentors[color=#FF0000]:Wolves of great experience in their rank.They have decided to help apprentices train for their ranks.You must have full experience and all of your skills must be full in order to receive this rank.

Quiens[color=#FF0000]:Messengers of the pack.These wolves report directly to the dominant's and deputies of predators,loners or other unwanted guests.They are swift and light on their feet.Speed and endurance would be your highest skills for this rank.

Guardians[color=#FF0000]:These wolves are the fighters of the pack,.They have courage strength and hot tempers most of the time.One wolf is the general of these wolves and it is an honor to be such a rank.They are large wolves with a tough build,courageous.Strength would be the highest skill needed for this rank.

Searchers[color=#FF0000]:These wolves patrol the territory boundaries.Their senses are keen and alert of any intruder that dares cross the line.One or more messengers tag along with them incase there should be a problem and the pack should be alert immediately.They need to be quick and highly inteligent to serve in this rank.Wisdom and speed would be required for this rank.

Shamons[color=#FF0000]:Healers of the pack who tend to the injured.They are experts in medicines and herbs.They are light on their feet in case they need to travel distances to wolves wounded severely.The speed endurance and wisdom should half full and your experience at 150 in order to receive this rank.

Nurses[color=#FF0000]:These wolves look after the pups.They stay close to the den.They are intelligent but not much use in battle or any other skill.Wisdom and experience are required to be in this rank.

Apprentices[color=#FF0000]:Wolves who have gained enough trust and decided to become a full member and serve the pack loyally(meaning you are off probation)They are in training for their ranks.You have a choice to be taught by a mentor or take the training yourself.

Omegas[color=#FF0000]:Wolves who have met the Dominant's and Deputies.They have been allowed to roam the territory but they are under probation.Full member of the pack will be watching you very closely until further notice of the Dominants and Deputies.

Heir pups[color=#FF0000]:Youngsters of the pack who stay in the den area at all times and are watched by Nurses of the pack.They are our future generation.

Lost pups[color=#FF0000]:Pups who have strayed far from their homes or lost their parents.They are taken lightly but are brought to the Dominant's for questioning and then either brought up for adoption or the Dominant's themselves may accept them as their own.

Loners[color=#FF0000]:Wolves who have strayed into the territory and are vastly unwelcomed.They are confronted by both Dominant's and deputies for questioning.They have a choice of joining as part of the pack or staying a loner and stay far from the inner part of the territory.The Dominant's will be aware of your presence but you may walk the outer part of the territory.

Elders[color=#FF0000]:Wolves who have rejoined the pack.They are very wise and members of the counsel.All skills and experience are filled.

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